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Posted by Adi pe Septembrie 25, 2010

Religion is the teaching of truth. And, as the range of its activity is not a narrow lecture room, but the world and humanity at large, religion must conform to the requirements and comprehension of an audience so numerous and so mixed. Religion must not let truth appear in its naked form, but must employ a mythical vehicle, a medium, as it was.
You can compare truth in this respect to water, which can be carried about only in vessels; a philosopher who insists on obtaining it pure is like a man who breaks the jug in order to get the water by itself.
At any rate, religion is truth allegorically and mythically expressed, and so rendered attainable and digestible by mankind in general. Mankind couldn’t possibly take it pure and unmixed, just as we can’t breathe pure oxygen; we require an addition of four times its bulk in nitrogen. In plain language, the profound meaning, the high aim of life, can only be unfolded and presented to the masses symbolically, because they are incapable of grasping it in its true signification. But the truth, pure, abstract and free from all mythical alloy, is always to remain unattainable, even by philosophers.

3 Răspunsuri to “Aforism”

  1. Who is to say which is the truth? Each and every one of us sees only one side of the truth, while denying any other form of it, seen by others.
    Many questions trouble our mind, questions we cannot answer as long as we don’t want to see what’s beyond us, beyond our jobs, beyond money or any other material things.

    (pardon my French)

  2. Luka said

    Adi, esti cel mai genial!

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